Home Produce

Local, seasonal, home grown, organic – they’re all buzz words these days. But at Filey Grange, they’re things that have been close to our hearts for many years. We believe that our guests should have nothing but the best, and that means we want to source it ourselves, or grow it ourselves.

We’ve spent ages tracking down the best local butchers, fishmongers and farmers. And when we’re not doing that - or at Filey Grange providing for your creature comforts – we’re down at our allotment, just a short walk away, where we grow as much as we can to feed ourselves, and you. We’re especially proud of our delicious organic tomatoes and soft fruits, some of which we use to produce all of our own breakfast preserves complimented perfectly by a selection of delicious breads made fresh every day by Michael.

Our mission: to provide our guests with the warmest of welcomes, the comfiest of beds with the cleanest of sheets, and the most delicious of home-cooked food - and all with little touches of luxury that make staying at Filey Grange a real treat.